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I wanted to create a local twin cities community that helped small businesses Learn & Connect

Here's our story

I graduated from college in 2014 and didn't know how to network or find other events, small business owners and communities in the Twin Cities

There wasn't a central hub for local small businesses that was organized and well run.

So I decided to take up that task and TCC was born!

Living in Minnesota can be kind of isolating. What with the winter & large driving distances, we all struggle to connect to each other. I found this to be true & set out to change that. Twin Cities Collective is the result of that vision. A place where you can find new business & friendship connections. Where you can promote your business without being salesy. Where you can learn about social media & marketing from trusted resources & in person. What is Twin Cities Collective? In addition to offering marketing services, we are also one of the largest networking communities in the Twin Cities. We provide resources and marketing education for local creatives and entrepreneurs but I (Jenna) offer digital organization services. We do many things online in our facebook group but also have in person events every month!

The Twin Cities Collective was created by Jenna Redfield in 2016 to help Twin Cities bloggers and creatives connect with other like-minded individuals in our area & learn more about how to market their businesses on social media. .

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Twin Cities Collective is a local marketing & networking resource for Twin Cities Based Small Businesses, Brands & Bloggers