6th Annual Best of Awards

Voting the Best of the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities Collective Best of Awards website celebrates and honors the outstanding achievements of businesses, individuals, and organizations in the Twin Cities region, showcasing excellence and fostering community recognition.

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Celebrating the Best of the Twin Cities

For the last five years we have hosted one of The largest fan voted awards in The twin cities

How the Awards Works

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From Dec 1-Dec 7, we will take in as many votes as we can in all 40 categories. Then we will add them up and announce round two top 5 finalists in each category.


From Dec 7-Dec 13th, we will have the second round to determine 1, 2 and 3rd place


After 2 years of virtual events, we are back to in person awards ceremony & holiday party!

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Frequently Asked Question

Who votes for the awards?

Anyone can vote! You can only vote one time

Who is eligible?

Anyone who lives in the state of Minnesota and falls in the category represented

What's the back story?

When I created Twin Cities Collective in 2016, I was looking for ways to connect the local Twin Cities community. We hosted tons of events & workshops but one day I realized that most people didn't know about most of the local companies around town doing amazing things so immediately I thought of a fan-supported awards.This idea was decided on a few weeks before our 2018 Holiday Party so it ended up turning into a holiday party + awards.In 2019, we turned it up a notch and did a holiday party + makers market.When the pandemic hit, we did a virtual awards in both 2020 and 2021. We came back in person in 2022.

Can I still win if I can't make the awards

Yes the awards are optional the votes still count but it's funner to be live in person!

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